Our History

Setting Industry Standards

Jafel was founded in 2005 by nationally acclaimed artist Amber “Ja’ Ski” Watkins with the intention of merging the world of fine art with the world of home furnishings. Ja’ Ski is the creative force behind Jafel, and each concept is derived from an original work of abstract art.



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Est. 2005

Our Story

Ja’Ski” discovered the love of Contemporary Art shortly after the start of her education in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Washington, where she quickly became known as “The Abstract Princess”.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, she has dedicated her business endeavors around her Abstract Art, by providing eye popping, contemporary design and decor items for beautiful homes and spaces around the world.

She has taken her love of Art and Interior Design and used the carpet as a canvas for her abstract works resulting in the note worthy line of her designer area rugs, she self titled as the “AmberRug” with @jafeldesign.

She has also taken her love for unique fashion styles and partnered with a professional Sneakerhead to bring some of the hottest, custom, hand painted, Wearable “Art on Shoes” to the fashion world with @fnvisions.

She defines her Art as she defines herself; full of life, color and abstract. “I live in color; I see in color, and I believe that color is good for your mental health”.

Deeply inspired by her global travels, and love of cultural diversity and ethnicity; her paintings tie in ethnic shapes, color therapy, lines and inspirational themes into one of the purest ABSTRACT forms the world has seen.  She continues to be a leader in the Fine Arts, as her bright and bold abstract artworks continues to lift the Art industry to a new, awe inspiring level.